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We Focus On Marketing So You Can Stay Focused On Changing Lives

Many career schools struggle filling classes and waste money on ineffective marketing. We partner with schools that want to maximize enrollment and change more lives.

Partnering with us will give your school the ability to consistently fill classes, maximize profit and change more lives.

Meet The Team

Our team is inspired by the students and graduates of trade schools


School Support I’ve always been focused on making a positive impact in the world.

That is why it is so rewarding for me to play a role in connecting students and trade schools. Trade schools make an incredible difference in the lives of their students by setting them up for success in a career they are passionate about! By supporting schools with our software, we are using technology to save them time, meet their enrollment goals and ultimately help our clients focus more on the important work of educating students.


Ad Manager Working with trade schools is meaningful work....

Growing up, I had to choose between working or studying to have a career. I could have benefited from a program that did not require me to put my life on hold to be able to have better opportunities. Working on our ads team allows our trade schools to reach more students who otherwise would not know that getting a career and doing better in life can be done without much money or much time.


School Development I love helping trade schools grow...

I believe educators are vital to helping grow an individual and their contribution to their community. Without trade education, communities suffer. Helping schools fill their classes helps change more lives for the better, and to be part of that is truly inspiring.


Social Ads Personally, I would have loved to receive...

…this kind of information from different types of schools when I was at the beginning of my path. Working on our social ads team gives me the opportunity to reach out to prospective students in their free time on their social networks. They get little doses of information for their future so that they are able to choose the best option for them. For people who may not know what to expect from their future, trade schools are excellent options, and I get to make them aware of this path.


Co-founder I love helping trade schools grow...

…because of how these programs help people get ahead in life. It’s amazing to see how many people change their lives in a matter of a couple of months. Literally, they go from being stuck in a low-wage job to starting a new career with lots of opportunities within a matter of months. My mother was a single parent raising four kids on her own, there’s no way she could have done that without going through a trade school program and starting a nursing career that lead to a lot of opportunities. The students of these schools really inspire me.


Graphic Designer Working on social media ads allows me to engage...

…in outreach to young adults wanting to work toward a better income. Helping a trade school grow means that we are helping people move toward a better life. Many of these schools give an opportunity for a great career in just a few months.


Quality Assurance I love working with trade schools...

…because, it gives me the opportunity to help others find their path and explore new ways of growing in their professional and personal life. From personal experience, I know how hard it is to find your calling or feeling fulfilled in a professional level, I truly believe that at Peak Enrollment we help to make a difference in peoples lives.


Web developer For me, it’s a privilege to work with trade schools....

Its rewarding to be part of this team, working with such high-quality educators and both seeing and being involved in the transfer of knowledge.


Co-founder & CTO Being able to assist our school owners in their mission...

…to educate people needing a break in life with all the tools in our arsenal is quite rewarding. I love helping these trade schools grow because it allows more people to achieve their goals, big and small. I always say, if I were a Superhero, my superpower would be the gift of empowering others – that’s what I feel we do for our schools. There’s a deeper meaning to what we provide in addition to increasing numbers.


School Development Through my work, I am able to make more and more...

…young people aware of the vast array of opportunities available to them. They can continue their education and start their careers more cost-effectively than through a traditional four-year university path. Our schools give the opportunity to start a new career without incurring the criminal level of debt that universities are hoisting on the backs of their students.


School Support I went to a trade school so I know how much impact...

…trade schools can have. Now that I am working with trade schools it’s great because of the opportunity it opens up for so many people. The ability to start a new career in a short amount of time for a relatively low cost is something that can dramatically change and improve a lot of peoples’ lives. The schools we work with offer the chance to change lives quickly with an exciting career.


Web Designer I began my career after graduating...

…from a trade school and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Trade schools allow graduates to begin a career with more advancement and earning potential than they can currently access. I make a difference in the students’ lives by making them aware of their options by designing ads and websites to be simple and readable and provide access to information prospective students require.

We are experts in marketing trade school programs because we understand their students’ needs and situations. By helping them take a leap of faith and believe in themselves enough to go through these courses, we give them a better opportunity to achieve their dreams and objectives in life. And by getting more students to the schools, we help them grow and reach more students. It’s a win-win.


Admissions Automation Lead Growing up I went to a high school where the majority...

…of my peers were expected to continue on to a 4 year college. I remember the only opposing voice came from my auto-shop teacher who was always encouraging his students to consider a trade school and that really stuck with me. Although the world needs doctors and lawyers, vocational education supports the backbone of our economy and without plumbers, electricians, cooks, and nursing assistants, our world would come to a halt. I am proud to help young people continue to have access and information about the trades and how learning a skilled trade can lead to a very comfortable and successful life.


Web developer I am proud to be part of something that helps...

 …change lives. I changed my career path 5 years ago, which was my life’s best decision. I like to think my work with trade school websites has a direct impact on the students’ lives; accessible information about trade schools is essential to making a life-changing decision like this.

Our products and services are inspired by the students and graduates of trade schools

A lot of trade school students don’t have the opportunity to go to college, so they end up finding themselves stuck in a low-wage job with very little opportunity for advancement.

For someone with limited opportunities, a trade school can be the start of a pivotal transformation. Hands-on training programs can open up a whole new world of opportunity for those who are willing to put in the work.

Most career schools include an internship and job placement help, so in a matter of several months, students can learn the skills needed to start a new career and start a job with a lot of opportunities for advancement.

This is why we are passionate about helping trade schools increase enrollment and help students find trade schools that match their interests.

Proven Marketing Programs For Trade Schools

Many schools struggle to fill classes and waste a lot of money on ineffective ads. Our programs help you fill your classes even if your school is on a limited budget. We take care of your marketing so you can stay focused on changing lives.


When your school doesn't have a marketing system that has been tested and designed specifically for career schools you may end up with a lot of empty seats in your classes.
Empty Seats
Enrolled Students


Once your Career School is using the same marketing system that successful schools are using, you will start filling your classes and maximizing your profit.
Empty Seats
Enrolled Students

Fill Your Classes Quickly

You can stop worrying about next session's enrollment numbers, our programs start working quickly. Start maximizing your enrollment in less than 30 days even if you have a limited budget. Our programs are surprisingly affordable. No Risk Trial for Qualifying Schools.

One of the things that has helped bring more students into our school is that they have learned about my school and what we're doing here. They have been able to tweak their marketing program for our school to help us grow. You will see the numbers continue to grow.

Trade Schools Change Lives

Career Schools provide a lot of people an opportunity for a better life by starting an exciting career with a lot of advancement opportunities.

The school we support in Zambia provides school owners even more opportunities to help change the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Africa.

Volunteer to help teach basic trade skills in Africa Aug 8 - 14.

Solve Low Enrollment Once And For All

  1. Follow the same marketing plan used by profitable career schools
  2. Consistently fill your classes to full capacity on a limited budget
  3. Maximize enrollment and profit


2 Challenges All Trade Schools Face
4 Costly Mistakes Most Career Schools Are Making
3 Essential components you must know

Peak Enrollment Every Session

Career Schools face unique challenges filling classes and staying profitable on a consistent basis.

Our marketing programs have transformed struggling trade programs on a limited budget into profitable programs.

After extensive testing we have learned the most effective ways to maximize enrollment for career schools.

Getting Started Is Simple

3 simple steps to get started


Step 1

Choose Program Components

Choose Program Components That Fit Your Schools Needs


Step 2

Choose Pricing

Choose Pricing That Fits Your Budget


Step 3

Start No Risk Trial

If you need help choosing a program, schedule a Demo with our support team

What School Owners Are Saying About Peak Enrollment

We doubled
our enrollment.

From our last session to when we started using Peak we doubled our enrollment. They turned our website into a converting website that generated more leads and the Peak Suite platform makes it seamless to communicate with my student leads. Peak has played a huge part in our success.


Peak Suite is a game changer!

The results were imediate and the customer service has been fantastic. They made changes and made it work for the way we run our school. Everything was great!

Madison - Admissions Assistant

Our student leads dramatically increased.

We’ve used several marketing companies but none of them were able to do what Peak has done. Peak has lived up to what they said they were going to do and their customer service has been supreme.

Dr. Gregg Testerman

There’s results. Where before, I had zero results.

Here's the key: so many quality leads have come in. So many quality conversations…the amount of leads we get is maybe five times the amount of our previous leads.

Konni Forster

Wish we had found Peak Enrollment sooner.

I was really surprised by the one-on-one contact from the entire team. They are a one-stop-shop, Peak Enrollment helped us with all aspects of our growth.

Michael Easton

Changing Lives Around The World

Volunteer To Help Teach Basic Career Skills At The School We Support In Africa.

Aug 8 - 14