We Focus On Marketing So You Can Stay Focused On Changing Lives

Many dental assisting schools struggle filling classes and waste money on ineffective marketing. We partner with schools that want to maximize enrollment and change more lives.

Partnering with us will give your school the ability to consistently fill classes, maximize profit and change more lives.

Proven Marketing Programs For Dental Assisting Schools

Many schools struggle to fill classes and waste a lot of money on ineffective ads. Our programs help you fill your classes even if your school is on a limited budget. We take care of your marketing so you can stay focused on changing lives.


When your school doesn't have a marketing system that has been tested and designed specifically for dental assisting schools you may end up with a lot of empty seats in your classes.
Empty Seats
Enrolled Students


Once your Dental Assisting School is using the same marketing system that successful schools are using, you will start filling your classes and maximizing your profit.
Empty Seats
Enrolled Students

Meet the Team

Attabeira German

Director of Social Media

Andrew Boeder

Director of School Support

Chris Turowski

Co-Founder | CTO

Eric VanZwieten


Dental Assisting Schools Change Lives

Dental Assisting Schools provide a lot of people an opportunity for a better life by starting an exciting career with a lot of advancement opportunities.

The school we support in Zambia provides dental assisting school owners even more opportunities to help change the lives of some of the most vulnerable children in Africa.

Volunteer to help teach basic dental hygiene in Africa Aug 8 - 14.

Solve Low Enrollment Once And For All

  1. Follow the same marketing plan used by profitable dental assisting schools
  2. Consistently fill your classes to full capacity on a limited budget
  3. Maximize enrollment and profit


2 Challenges All Dental Assisting Schools Face
4 Costly Mistakes Most Dental Assisting Schools Are Making
3 Essential components you must know

Peak Enrollment Every Session

Dental Assisting Schools face unique challenges filling classes and staying profitable on a consistent basis.

Our marketing programs have transformed struggling dental assisting schools on a limited budget into profitable programs.

After extensive testing we have learned the most effective ways to maximize enrollment for dental assisting schools.

Getting Started Is Simple

3 simple steps to get started


Step 1

Choose a Program

Choose A Program That Fits Your Schools Needs


Step 2

Choose Pricing

Choose Pricing That Fits Your Budget


Step 3

Schedule a Demo

If you need help choosing a program, schedule a Demo with our support team

Changing Lives Around The World

Volunteer To Help Teach Basic Dental Hygiene At The School We Support In Africa.

Aug 8 - 14