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Budgeting on Google Ads and Its Importance for Trade Schools

In today’s digital age, trade schools are increasingly turning to online advertising to reach prospective students. Among the various advertising platforms available, Google Ads stands out as a particularly effective tool. This article will explore how budgeting works on Google Ads and underscore the importance of running search ads as part of a trade school’s … Continued

How a Ticketing System Outshines an In-Person Concierge for Our Clients

In the digital era, businesses are constantly looking for efficient ways to cater to their clients, streamline operations, and guarantee superior customer satisfaction. A pivotal move in this direction is the transition from traditional in-person concierge services to the adoption of ticketing systems. This shift is not merely about convenience but represents a strategic approach … Continued

10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have a Lead Generating System

In today’s fast-paced business world, small businesses need every advantage they can get to stay competitive and grow. One of the most effective tools for achieving this is a lead generating system. Here are ten compelling reasons why your small business should implement such a system: 1. Consistent Lead Flow A lead generating system ensures … Continued

Peak Enrollment’s Innovative Service Portal: Customizing Solutions for Every Trade School’s Needs and Budget

At Peak Enrollment, we’ve always been dedicated to empowering trade schools with the most effective marketing solutions. Recognizing that each school has unique needs and budget constraints, we’re thrilled to introduce our latest breakthrough: the Service Portal. This platform is designed to offer tailor-made, a la carte solutions, aligning perfectly with your school’s specific requirements. … Continued

Navigating the Trade School Enrollment Landscape: Top trends to close 2023

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s a crucial time for trade schools and prospective students to take stock of the evolving landscape of enrollment. The world of education is constantly changing, and staying informed about the latest trends is essential for both educators and those seeking to further their careers through trade school … Continued

How to Leverage AI to Increase Enrollment for Trade Schools

In an era dominated by technological advancements, it’s essential for educational institutions, including trade schools, to adapt and innovate. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) can be a game-changer when it comes to boosting enrollment for trade schools. AI offers unique capabilities that can streamline recruitment efforts, personalize student experiences, and improve overall efficiency. In this article, … Continued

Leveraging Virtual Info Sessions for Trade School Enrollment Success

Three new support features were recently rolled out to enhance the success of our trade school clients: Support Tickets | accessible from schools’ Peak Suite sidebar Service Portal | accessible from schools’ Peak Suite sidebar Peak Suite Q&A Sessions | Wednesdays at 2:00pm EST, beginning April 5th  These developments are part of our continuous efforts … Continued

Why Trade Schools are Becoming More Popular Than Traditional Colleges

In recent years, trade schools have seen a surge in popularity among high school graduates and career changers. While traditional colleges and universities have been the go-to option for many years, trade schools are increasingly becoming a preferred choice for those looking to gain practical skills and jump-start their careers. In this blog post, we … Continued