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Revolutionizing Education: Empowering School Success Through Innovative Support Features

Three new support features were recently rolled out to enhance the success of our trade school clients:

  1. Support Tickets | accessible from schools’ Peak Suite sidebar

  2. Service Portal | accessible from schools’ Peak Suite sidebar

  3. Peak Suite Q&A Sessions | Wednesdays at 2:00pm EST, beginning April 5th 

These developments are part of our continuous efforts to enhance our services and provide schools with the best possible experience.

About our ticketing tool

The new ticketing tool is designed to streamline school support requests and ensure that queries are resolved in a timely and efficient manner. With this new platform, schools can easily raise a support ticket, track its progress, and communicate with our support team throughout the process.

Our Service Portal

In addition to our support platform, we also launched a service portal where schools can browse and purchase a range of additional services to complement their existing packages after their initial onboarding period. This includes custom development, automations, and marketing campaigns, which can help schools make the most of their Peak Enrollment systems.

Join our Weekly Q&A

To further support schools, we are also introducing Weekly Q&A sessions where they can engage with our team and get their Peak Suite questions answered. During these sessions, we cover a range of topics, from product features to best practices, and provide schools with tips and insights to help them get the most out of their Peak Suite platform.

Both features are also accessible from the Peak Suite sidebar for clients who are Peak Suite users. If you are not currently using Peak Suite and are interested in learning more, please let us know! 

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